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Mortgage Origination has completely changed the way home loan applications are processed. Before Mortgage Origination existed in South Africa, customers were forced to visit every home loan provider personally to secure a bond. CitiBond has taken over this task, at no extra cost to you, the customer, while dramatically speeding up the application process.
Benefits of using CitiBond: 
· Completely Free Service. 
· Faster Application Process.
· One point of contact.
· Applications submitted to all the major home loan providers.
· You get to choose which bank you want to go with.
· Lower Home Loan interest rates – because the banks are now competing for your business.
· We will come to you.

Text Box: Phone:      031-563 7885
Cell:          083 635 9781
Fax:          031-564 7090
E-mail:     info@citibond.co.za
Website: www.citibond.co.za
4 Burleigh Place
Durban North

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